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Lamia intelligent vision detection robot
Release Time: 2017-3-9 14:58:42
Product description

Lamia Intelligent Vision Inspection Robot is an intelligent robot for automatic visual inspection of product quality. Based on the mature robot control technology and visual inspection technology, combined with the manufacturing industry on-site production process, through in-depth research and a large number of experiments, the development completed to meet the actual production requirements of intelligent intelligent visual inspection program.


Lamia intelligent detection robot main features:
    1. 7 degrees of freedom with a robot, flexibility, detection range, wide range of applications
    2. Using flight synchronization vision technology, detection efficiency is high
    3. The use of visualization, graphical programming technology, simple operation, easy product replacement
    4. The use of CAM-based robot control technology, making the robot more intelligent

Technical indicators
Lamia intelligent detection robot main technical indicators:
     Product missed rate: 0%
     Product kill rate: 0%
     Detection period: 4 ~ 20 seconds
     Detection accuracy: 0.05mm


Lamia intelligent detection robot application case:
     Hardware inspection, PCB inspection


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