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Release Time: 2016-10-24 21:04:14

B&P’s i-Plant platform is one professional system that can help to achieve intelligent manufacture, which mainly based on MES and combined together with intelligent equipment, intelligent logistics, intelligent control system and intelligent sense.


The target to use i-plant is to achieve below functions,

Intelligentized digital modeling, Intelligentized PMC, Intelligentized process control, Intelligentized repair management, Intelligentized test data management, intelligentized quality management, Intelligentized raw material inspection, Intelligentized process quality management, Intelligentized product inspection, Intelligentized quality analysis, Intelligentize document management, Intelligentized barcode data collection,Intelligentized mobile application, Intelligentized data interchange, Intelligentized production management visualization, etc.


i-Plant MES covers following areas,


To build the integrated MES to cover the management for human, equipment, material, method, ring, geography, product, etc., that lead an ideal improvement for data collection.

To build a total connection for equipment interchange and dialogue that realize the co-operation between the data and MES information during assemble and test.
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