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Auto Insertion Machine
Release Time: 2015-7-30 14:53:00


This machine is designed by our engineering team led by post doctors major in visional filed and already developed 3 generations products from beginning for inserting different special types of THT components simultaneously with higher speed and precision, as well as higher cost performance and stable, so that to offer a better solution for automatic inserting components and save cost for customers. The fastest speed of the machine can be reached 0.8 second/component.


- Speed: 2700pcs per hour

- Insertion Accuracy: +/-0.04mm

- Insert Orientation: 0-360 degrees
- Working Axis: 4 or 6 axis available
- Dimension (L×W× H): 1.45M×1.5M×1.66M
- Power Supply: 220VAC 50HZ 1.2KVA

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